• Microscope Dentistry

  • Advantages of Microscope Dentistry:
    The Microscope provides 400 times more visual accuracy than the naked eye and 100 times the visual information than traditional dental loupes.  Magnification improves accuracy preventing damage to adjacent teeth and surrounding gums during all kinds of dental operations and surgery.
    As far as restorative dentistry is concerned, higher magnifications enhance visibility in diagnosing, prepping, seating, and finishing. The microscopes have built-in high-intensity lights, which allow high visibility for areas that are otherwise hard to see.
    Some features of tooth damage, like many kinds of cracks, are just not visible without significant magnification (16x at least). Although many dentists limit themselves to low-magnification loupes, or even do their work without magnification, in examination, dentists working without magnification are more likely to leave small pockets of decay.
    A microscope can be an invaluable resource for the dentist. The root canal procedure takes place in a very small area of the tooth. The procedure takes expert precision to navigate through the intricate roots and canals. Missed canals often mean unresolved infections, which may mean a repeat of the procedure.